What temperature do you bake half sheet cake?

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In a bowl mix together dry ingredients and incorporate until batter is smooth. Pour batter into a non stick 12×18″ or 12×16″ baking sheet pan (with large lips). Put into a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 16-20 minutes or until middle springs back when touched lightly with your fingertip.

How long does a half-sheet cake take to bake?

How Long Do You Bake A Half Sheet Cake? A half-sheet cake takes approximately 25-30 minutes to bake. Place the pan in the middle of the oven. It is always best to evenly spread your cake batter out into the pan using a spatula knife.

Can you bake a cake in a half sheet pan?

Half Sheet Pans

They usually measure 18″ x 13″ with about a 1-inch rim around the outside, although you’ll see some slight variances in those dimensions. The workhorse of many home bakers, half sheet pans are great for baking cookies and sheet cakes.

How many boxes of cake mix do I need for a half sheet pan?

If you’re trying to create a half-sheet cake, you will likely need at least two boxes of cake mix. Depending on the depth of your pan, though, you might need up to four boxes.

How long do you bake an 11 by 15 cake?

Cake Baking & Serving Guide

4 In. High Cakes The figures for 2 in. pans are based on a two-layer, 4 in. high cake. Fill pans 1/2 to 2/3 full.
Pan Shape Size Baking Time Minutes
Sheet 11 x 15 in. 50-55
12 x 18 in. 55-60
Paisley 9 x 6 in. 35-40

How do you bake a sheet cake evenly?

Distribute batter evenly between the two pans. Place damp baking strips around the bottoms of the cake pans. Bake for 30-35mins or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out mostly clean. Place cakes on a wire rack to cool for 10mins then turn out onto wire rack to cool completely.

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Does baking time change with pan size?

Don’t expect to change a pan size and not have to change anything else in the recipe. Depending on whether your layer of batter is shorter or taller, you may need to reduce or increase the baking time. Cupcakes and muffins might be done in as little as half the time as their larger counterparts.

How many boxes of cake mix do I need for a 12×18 pan?

A 12-inch by 18-inch sheet pan uses 14 cups of cake batter, requiring just over two boxes of cake mix.

Are sheet cakes 2 layers?

Traditionally, a large, rectangular, single-layer cake baked in a sheet pan. Sheet pans come in many sizes. The home baker would most likely use a quarter- or half-sheet pan, while a commercial bakery could use a half- or whole-sheet pan.

What size is a 1/2 sheet cake?

Half sheet cake pans usually measure 18” x 12”. Half sheet cakes sold at most bakeries and grocery stores measure 15” x 11” with an average height of 2”, give and take an inch.

What size is a half sheet cake?

Exactly half the size of full-sheet pans, half-sheet pans measure 18-by-13 inches, also with sides about one inch high. These are the pans we use most often in the Epicurious test kitchen, and it’s the go-to pan for those sheet-pan dinners you keep reading about.

What’s the difference between sheet cake and regular cake?

The primary difference between sheet cake and regular cake is the size of the cake pan. Sheet cake is made in a sheet cake pan which is a shallow, large pan. Regular cake is usually made in a 9×13 baking dish or, for a double layer cake, it’s made in two 8-9” round pans.

Can I bake a cake in a cookie sheet?

Cookie sheet size is 15 inches by 10 inches by 1 inch high. Make Spice Cake mix according to package intrustions, eggs, water and oil. Spread cake mix evenly onto cookie sheet. Bake at 350F until done, about 20 -25 minutes.

How many cups of batter do I need for a full sheet cake?

Batter & Icing Guide for Sheet Cakes

The average cake mix will make an approximate 4 to 5 cups of batter depending on the ounces it has. The icing amounts are an approximation just as well.

What is the best temperature for baking cakes?

Most cakes will bake anywhere between 325F and 450F, with 350F being the most common temperature. If you’re unsure what temp to use, I recommend setting your oven to 350F and checking after 30 minutes. Make sure your cake temp is correct with an oven thermometer! What temperature do you use to bake a cake?

What size is a sheet cake?

Size. Cake sizes are named after the size of pan that the cake is baked in. A full-size commercial sheet cake pan is 18×24 or 18×26 inches in size. A half-sheet is half that size, and a quarter-sheet or 9×13-inch pan, which usually results in 16 to 24 servings of cake, is one-quarter the size.

How long should I bake a 12 inch cake?

Bake 12-inch cake 50 to 60 minutes. Cake is done when toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pan on cooling rack 25 minutes. Remove cake from pan; place top side up on cooling rack.

How do I make my sheet cake flat?

Lower the oven temperature.

Most cake recipes call for setting the oven at 350°F. Instead, drop the temperature to 325°F. Lowering the oven temperature slows the rise in the leavening agent, so instead of the dreaded dome, you’ll get cake with a beautiful flat top.

How many 9×13 pans are in a half sheet pan?

It would seem like a no-brainer that doubling a 9″ x 13″ recipe would be perfect in a 13″ x 18″ half-sheet pan. After all, 117 x 2 = 234 exactly.

How can you tell when a cake is done baking?

Enjoy your perfectly baked cake!

  1. The edges of the cake pull away from the sides of the pan.
  2. It smells fragrant.
  3. The top and edges are golden brown (or look matte for chocolate cake).
  4. A toothpick or paring knife comes out clean.
  5. The cake springs back when pressed gently.
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Does the depth of a cake tin matter?

Not only will the extra depth benefit any cake (more on that below), it makes the pan more versatile, so it can be used in a broader range of recipes and take the place of many specialty pans.

How deep is a sheet cake pan?

For an actual sheet cake that’s typically decorated and sold in grocery stores and by cake shops alike, you’re talking about a 9x13x2 inch pan (or larger). The pans are usually 2 inches deep (also sold in 3-inch depth).

Can you double a box cake mix?

Yes, you can double a cake mix. If you do so, fill baking pans 1/2 full and bake at 325 F until the toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Can you double a cake mixture successfully?

Is it OK to double a cake recipe? Yes, but make sure to use multiple pans, not just a bigger one. Otherwise it might bake unevenly in the center.

How many cups of batter are in a half sheet cake?


Pan Size Recipe Batch Amount (when using a standard cake mix or recipe that calls for two, 8″ round pans)
3, 10″ round pans (2 inches deep) -2 cake mixes, or -2 cake recipe batches
13×9 inch pan -1 cake mix, or -1 cake recipe batch
Half sheet cake -2 cake mixes, or -2 cake recipe batches

How much icing do I need for a half sheet cake?

As far as frosting goes, we find 3 cups is about right to frost a 9″ x 13″ cake, plus some extra for piping and decorating. 2 cups will suffice if you’re OK with a thin layer of frosting; 4 cups will give you some excess.

How many pieces of cake are in a half sheet?

A half-sized sheet pan will make 58 servings and a quarter-sized pan will make 30 servings.

How much cake do I need for 25 guests?

To feed 25 guests, you need a cake that is at least 12 inches. This means that a quarter sheet pan can easily feed a party of around 25 guests with decent portion sizes. If you want larger-than-life slices of cake, don’t hesitate to size up on your cake.

Is a sheet pan the same as a cookie sheet?

The main difference comes down to the rim. Sheet pans and jelly roll pans have a tall rim that’s typically around an inch high. Baking sheets and cookie sheets typically have either no rim or one slightly raised grabbing edge.

How long does it take a half sheet cake to cool?

Once you finish baking your cake, you should take it out of the oven and let it sit on your counter for 30 minutes or so. If you don’t want the cake to be cold, you should let it cool on the counter for an hour or two.

Do you layer a sheet cake?

You want a layer cake to look symmetrical both before and after slicing. While I usually recommend a cake turntable for round layer cakes, you can assemble and decorate sheet cake layer cakes on whatever you plan to serve them on. Place your first layer on a serving platter.

Why are sheet cakes so good?

It’s perfect for BBQs, picnics, or potlucks. Because of the flat shape, sheet cakes are super portable, easier to hold, and less likely to be dropped when transporting them from your kitchen to the party.

Why is it called a Texas sheet cake?

Some sources say it may have first shown up in a Texas newspaper, which is why it’s called “Texas” sheet cake, while others claim the name comes from the fact that it’s the size of Texas. Regardless of its origins, this cake is truly a crowd-pleaser.

How much do you fill a sheet cake pan?

Cake pans should almost always be filled around ⅔ of the way full. The only exception to this rule is when you’re dealing with a shallow pan (one or two inches deep), or the recipe explicitly tells you to use less or more batter in your cake pan.

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Is it better to bake a cake at 325 or 350?

Baking at a lower temperature slows the spring in the leavening, which prevents a dome from forming on your cake. Most cakes bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Reducing the temperature to 325 degrees is all you need to do to get a flat-topped cake.

How long do you bake a cake at 350?

The general rule of thumb when baking is “the bigger the pan, the lower the temperature”. You bake a cake in a 9″ round pan at 350 F for about 30-35 minutes. But, if you were putting the same recipe in a 14″ pan, you’d need 50-55 minutes to raise the temperature to 325 F.

What does 180 C mean in baking?

Answer: 180° Celsius is equal to 356° Fahrenheit.

What temperature do you bake a 12 inch cake?

Wedding Cake Baking Time and Batter Amounts – Three Inch Deep Pans

Pan Shape Size Baking Temperature
10″ 325°
12″ 325°
14″ 325°
Contour 7″ 350°

Do bigger cakes take longer to bake?

Cakes in larger pans will generally bake faster (about . 9 minutes per ounce of batter in a 10-inch pan), while cakes in smaller pans will often take longer (up to two minutes per ounce for a 6-inch pan). Meanwhile, cakes baked in a tube or Bundt pan may only need a minute per ounce of batter.

How many boxes of cake mix do I need for a half sheet cake?

Most times, it takes one cake mix to make a half sheet cake if you only want one layer of cake. The pan you use for a half sheet cake is most commonly a 12×18 inch pan. Additionally, you can split a full sheet cake in half if you need to or make two half sheet cakes to stack if you want to have two layers.

How do I stop my cake from doming?

To stop your cake from doming, line the outsides of your cake tin with a double layer of foil. Simply take long strips of foil, fold them to the height of your cake pan and wrap around the outside. The extra foil slows down the heating of the pan, so the cake batter at the edges won’t cook as quickly.

How do you calculate baking time when changing pan size?

If, for example, your recipe calls for an 8-inch cake pan and you only have a 9-inch, relax, no problem. Just increase the oven temp by 25 degrees F and decrease the bake time by a quarter. In this particular example, since your pan is 1 inch larger, more surface area will be exposed.

Is 13×9 a half sheet cake?

As you might guess from the name, half sheet pans are half the size of a full sheet pan. They usually measure 18″ x 13″ with about a 1-inch rim around the outside, although you’ll see some slight variances in those dimensions.

What size baking dish is half of a 9×13?

When halving a basic 9×13 casserole, cut the recipe in half and bake it in an 8×8-inch pan.

How long should you leave cake in pan after baking?

When a cake is freshly baked, it needs time to set. Keep the cake in its pan and let it cool on a rack for the time the recipe specifies – usually 15-20 minutes – before attempting to remove it. Try not to let it cool completely before removing it.

How long do I bake a cake for?

Bake until the cakes are lightly golden on top and a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean, 30 to 35 minutes. Transfer to racks and let cool 10 minutes, then run a knife around the edge of the pans and turn the cakes out onto the racks to cool completely.

Can I leave cake in oven after baking?

But they don’t expect you to leave the cake in the oven (whether turned “off” or “on”) past when it is done. Leaving it in the oven while the oven is cooling down would just introduce too much variability as ovens would cool at different rates.